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Mantilla Veils

Sep 20, 2023

Which bridal trend are we currently obsessed with? Why thank you for asking. We can’t get enough of Mantilla style veils! This type of veil is typically adorned with lace or beaded detailing that drapes across the head and shoulders, framing...

A.B Ellie Cool Bride Accessories"

Sep 06, 2023

We’re your one-stop shop for all things cool brides. We’ve got you covered on the gown and the accessories. Go the untraditional route with A.B. Ellie accessories...

Coming Soon - Blanche Bridal

Aug 30, 2023

Blanche Bridal At The Bridal Studio Blanche Bridal is the newest designer coming soon to our studio!! Blache is for fun, chic, and modern brides. Designer Helen Guo studied in London, where she helped organize London Fashion Week for several years....

Mesina - Chosen by Kyha

Aug 22, 2023

Mesina is our latest obsession at The Bridal Studio. She’s giving Hailey Bieber and that’s really all you need to know xx  strapless, slinky and chic - Mesina       

Jane Hill Blanc 01 Collection

Aug 16, 2023

Jane Hill’s newest collection just launched, and the gowns are slowly rolling into our studio. Introducing 3 of our favorite gowns from the Blanc 01 Collection, Rowie, Scout, and Pierce! Rowie is a fully beaded gown with a high slit for some...

Tom S├ębastien - Jean Gown

Jul 27, 2023

The gown we’ve all been waiting for, Jean! She just arrived at our studio, and we couldn’t be more excited! She’s a mermaid gown with refined leaf patterns in Italian lace with beaded embellishment. The silhouette is accentuated...

Romantic Gowns for Summer Weddings

Jun 21, 2023

As the warm sun graces the skies and flowers bloom in vibrant hues, summer sets the stage for dreamy and enchanting weddings. If you're a bride-to-be planning your summer nuptials, finding the perfect gown that captures the essence of the season...

Sarah Seven Pop Star Collection

Jun 16, 2023

Sarah Seven wedding gowns are for the modern bride with an edge. Clean gowns with a little spice. Trust us; everyone is going to be obsessing over you in your wedding dress.     “I believe that when minimalistic designs collide...

Inspired by Spring: Floral Wedding Dresses

Jun 07, 2023

What better way to celebrate your wedding during spring than by adorning yourself in the ethereal beauty of floral wedding dresses? From delicate petals to vibrant blooms, these dresses evoke a sense of whimsy and grace that will leave you feeling...

2023's Most Sought-After Bridal Styles

May 10, 2023

As the wedding season approaches, brides-to-be everywhere are searching for the perfect bridal look that will make them feel confident and beautiful on their big day. From classic to contemporary, there are endless styles to choose from when it...

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