Completing the look; wedding accessories to pair with your dream dress

Completing the look; wedding accessories to pair with your dream dress. Mobile Image

Jul 08, 2021

First comes the dress... then comes the accessories! (our favorite part tbh)

Sometimes putting the whole look together can show you how truly magical the gown is. Whether its an earring, veil, headpiece, or belt; you name it, we got it! 



Charlee Earring


Agata gown with accessories


Mica Veil


There is nothing more extraordinary than the perfect veil. From long to short or simple to extravagant, there is something for every bride. Here at The Bridal Studio we are self proclaimed veil girls and love nothing more than creating the whole look with you! 

  Parisian Veil

  Smith Veil


Gypsy Veil


Celebration Veil


Brynn Veil details


Marley Veil


Poppy Veil


We also know veils are not for everyone which is why we have so many other incredible accessories to choose from! Adding a touch of sparkle to your hair can be the only thing you need. Try adding a statement earring to an off the shoulder gown or a dainty necklace to your dream dress, maybe even try a cape!



Lola Earring


Hazel Gown accessorized


Pearl gown and cape



Robbie with bold accessories


Step outside the box of tradition with your dress and your accessories. We love to make you feel beautiful, no matter what that means. If you want to shop accessories, come on in! Book your appointment or call our studio today.



Our favorite veil; Goddess Veil by Toni Federici