Liz Martinez at The Bridal Studio

Liz Martinez at The Bridal Studio

Liz Martinez at The Bridal Studio. Mobile Image

Jun 03, 2022


The stunning Liz Martinez bridal collection is for the bride with an eye for style with the most luxurious taste in couture. We are proud to be one of only 12 stores in the US to be selected to carry her couture designs.

While some may refer to Liz Martinez as the Cinderella of the tidal wave of Israeli designers hitting the worlds ever-sizzling bridal fashion market, Liz sees her success as a do or die situation and encourages all young girls to make their dreams a reality and become the woman they know they can be.

Her youthful passion and creative spirit along with her sense for elegance and glamour are the leitmotif in all her collections. Lizs dresses start around $6500 and have the most impeccable fit as each dress is hand-crafted for the bride wearing it!


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