Meet Our New Designer

Shop the Tom Sebastien’s collection exclusively available at The Bridal Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah.



Tom Sébastien has arrived at The Bridal Studio! Tom Sébastien Fashion House was created by two designers, who made it their mission to design bridal dresses that exude femininity and elegance. This flourishing brand is designed for modern, exclusive brides. Its style is recognized worldwide and represents the definition of the future of bridal fashion.

Together with their passion, they create timeless gowns that are recognized in Europe and the United States. The joy and passion of creating unique wedding gowns has already been enjoyed by thousands of international young ladies. Tom Sébastien bridal gowns are known for romantic, vintage, and exquisite details, along with their figure-flattering silhouettes and emphasis on comfort. 

The entire production process takes place right in their studio! Starting with cutting, sewing, decorating, marketing and communication, they do everything in their bridal house. Tom Sébastien stands firmly behind the belief that everything they produce comes from the heart!